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The Activity

SECOEX conceive the market like a triangle in which a vertex is the customers, in another one the suppliers and in the third one, our company.

As our objective is to establish and to consolidate lasting commercial relation-ships, it is essential for us to be able to work with serious and totally guaranteed companies.

In order to be different itself from its competitors, SECOEX effectively gives an integral service, covering all the processes that a commercial transaction includes:

1. ADVISING AND SEARCH of the merchandise demanded by our clients.
Or search of buyers for products supplied by our suppliers.

2. NEGOTIATION AND CLOSING OF THE TRANSACTION, always maintaining informed of the progresses to each one of the parties involved (client/suppliers). Among the aspects that this service includes, we find:

» Market information.

» Advising on Customs procedures, transport and payment terms.

» Full information on required import/export documents.

» Licenses of import.

3. EXHAUSTIVE AND CUSTOMIZED CONTROL of the merchandise since the operation is closed until it arrives at the destiny place. As well as the monitoring and advising during the inspection sanitary processes and Customs clearance.

4. PURSUIT OF THE PAYMENT OF THE INVOICES.  Finally, in case of conflict originated by any cause that alters the good development of the transaction, SECOEX will take part in the solution of problem in an active, impartial and objective way.


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