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The present SECOEX (Sevillana de Comercio Exterior) was founded on Seville with the name of SEVCOEX by Mr. Jose Luis Delgado Vega in 1978, after a long experience in the world of the foreign trade.

It has become, after decades of work and progresses, in one of the main agencies of international brokerage in Europe in the foodstuffs sector.

It is a company with a noticeable familiar character; its philosophy is based on the continuous improvement, the professionalism, and the integral service.

At the present time, SECOEX works with the most select and serious suppliers around the world.

Also, throughout the years it has been able to agglutinate a portfolio of clients of contrasted reputation. Both aspects impel to continue developing to new opportunities of business looking for new markets to exploit.


  • NUTS »
    Almond, Cashew, Peanut...
  • LEGUME »
    Beans, Chickpea, Green Pea...
  • SPICES »
    Anis seed, Cummin, Pepper...
  • TINS »
    Fruits,Sweet Corn, Tuna...
    Lupin, Prune, Coconut,...


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