Contrasted philosophy.

At SECOEX we conceive the market as a triangle in which the customers are at one vertex, the suppliers at another and us at the third.

As our objective is to establish and consolidate lasting business relationships, we need to work with serious firms with full guarantees.

Our method >

Our method.

Tested methodology.

To differentiate itself from its competitors, SECOEX effectively provides full and integral service, covering all the processes that a commercial transaction encompasses::

1. Advice and search.

Search for the goods demanded by our curtomers or search for buyers for the products offered by our suppliers.

3. Exhaustive control.

And personalized merchandise from the moment the operation is closed until it arrives at the destination. As well as surveillance and advice during sanitary and customs clearance processes.

2. Negotiation and closing operations.

We always keep each party (customers / suppliers) informed of operations’ evolution. Among the aspects that are included in this service we find:

» Market information.
» Advice on customs, transport and / or forms of payment.
» Information on required documentation.
» Import licenses.

4. Follow-up of the payment of the invoices.

Lastly, in the event of a conflict originated from any cause that alters the smooth running of the operation, SECOEX will intervene, actively, impartially and objectively in its solution.